Death Is Inevitable By John Steinbeck Essay

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Death is Inevitable Drew Magary explores the subtle differences between youth, aging, death, and overpopulation the post-aging world of The Postmortal. These anti-aging, “postmortals”, believe that death can never overcome them due to their ability to not age. What these postmortals don’t realize is that death is inevitable. The novel follows postmortal John on his journey from being afraid of death and procuring the cure, to willing to die so that others can live on. John’s story forces readers to realize that even though death is a terrifying, complex concept, there is no way of avoiding it. Death isn’t as awful as everyone thinks, especially when no one is aging, causing the world to fall into overpopulated chaos. The postmortals believed that now that they have been cured of aging that they will live forever, but not aging does not equal immortality. Death is still ever present despite having the cure for aging and the Pope tries to warn them of this while in Budapest: “You cannot avoid God’s judgment. Not even if you live for another hundred thousand years. This planet and the sun that keeps it alight are all fleeting. There is no ‘forever’ down here” (Magary 13). Not everyone may believe in God or a higher power of some kind, but the Pope still uses his power to bring to light their inevitable demise, however long they may prolong it. The world is fleeting, and as appealing as living forever sounds, it’s impractical. Some people however, embraced their humanity and…

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