Death Is An Inevitable Consequence Of Life On All Living Things

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Death is depressingly an inevitable consequence of life on all living things. Although life on Earth maybe very similar for all human beings, their belief in what happens after one passes away are very different. Some argue that there is no life after death at all, and life on earth is everything. While, on the other hand, others argue that there is life after death but even so, their interpretation of what life after death will exactly be like, also differs a lot from one another. This further tends to affect how people carry out their lives on earth. Some live life by the ‘You only live once (YOLO)’ motto while others believe that life on earth is just a test from God and thus they should truly follow his commandments as perfectly as possible to be rewarded in the life hereafter.
The main reason for the differences between people’s beliefs is the religions they follow and the religion’s teachings. The most followed religions currently on Earth are Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism. Atheism, belief in no God, is also on the rise and many people are starting to leave their religion to take it up.
Christianity, the religion followed by 2.1 billion people on Earth (33% of the total population), according to Infoplease. Infoplease. Web. 31 Mar. 2016, promotes the belief in Life after Death. Christians believe that even after a person dies, and the body is buried or cremated, the soul lives on. "John 11:25-26, World English Bible (WEB)." Jesus Said to Her, “I Am the…

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