Death Is A Transition For The Dead Essay examples

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While the ideas of death and care for the dead vary between cultures one thing is constant and that is death is a transition for the living and the dead. All people who live must someday die and the idea of what comes next is something that changes from culture to culture and person to person. No one has a single definitive answer as to what lies next if there is anything at all because there is no true way to measure or determine an answer. In Judaism death is a natural process, something that should be honored and not looked down upon. Life is valued above all else and the idea of an afterlife is strong and prevalent. The Judaist way of death involves simplicity and modesty throughout every process from care of the body to burial. As far as Chinese Religion goes death is viewed in the same light as Judaism but is something of an extravagant ordeal. The Chinese hold elaborate funerals to honor the dead and believe in sending their loved ones to the afterlife with material abundance. One thing that sticks out in Chinese Religion is the idea that rich or poor each person is viewed with the same respect and dignity when they die. While Judaism and Chinese Religion have different views on death and care for the dead their overall idea of death is the same because both believe life has the greatest value and the dead must be honored at all costs. By utilizing the death rituals of both religions, the power of burial and the idea of life and death, the overall similarity of both…

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