Essay on death exchange

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Death Exchange Saving and then switching spots with a person when it’s their time to die deserves a great amount of recognition. In his novel Tale of Two Cities Charles Dickens delivers a mysterious love drama twisted with history, the French revolution to be precise. In the book there are two main characters I will be focusing on. They are Charles Darnay, he is born aristocrat but doesn’t want to be one, and Sydney Carton, and he is an assistant lawyer. I was highly intrigued with the fact that Carton saving Darnay leads to Cartons ultimate death. First, Carton saves Darnay which leads to his freedom. Then, Darnay’s freedom leads to his imprisonment and carton switching places with him. Lastly, Darnay’s imprisonment; and Carton …show more content…
Following the end of the trial his friends and family meet him: “Doctor Manette, Lucie Manette his daughter, Mr. Lorry, the solicitor for the defense, and its counsel Mr. Stryver, stood gathered round Mr. Charles Darnay-just released- congratulating him on his escape from death.” (71) What just happened is the case got ruled in favor of Mr. Darnay and everybody is leaving, once everybody has cleared the court, his close friends and families gather around to congratulate him. Next, Darnay’s freedom leads to his imprisonment and Carton switching places with him. The storming of Bastille has just sparked the revolution. Darnay didn’t know that the revolution was fueled by aristocratic blood; it is what they needed to quench their thirst. In Darnay’s eyes he was no longer an aristocrat because he gave up his land and his title as an aristocrat, the only thing that he forgot was to make it all official. The fact that Darnay is an aristocrat doesn’t really effect his decision to go to France. He was always planning on going no matter what because he got a letter from monsieur Gabelle, the keeper of his uncle’s lands. The letter states he got imprisoned because he did what his master told him to do and his master is an aristocrat. With some quick serious thinking; he decides to go to Paris to help him. He tells Lucie he is going on a business trip, but later he writes two letters, one to Lucie, and the other to Doctor Manette, just explaining the real situation. He

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