Film Analysis: The Neon Demon

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Neon lights, upbeat music, and the slim figure of a stark white innocent looking girl. A doe-eyed teen in a fitted latex dress lays her lifeless head on the nape of an 18th century styled cabriole sofa. Covered in blood, the audiences’ first instinct would be that the girl, who we eventually find out is named Jesse, is dead. As the scene continues further, it is discovered that the scene was created for a fashion photoshoot. Death and beauty. That opening scene sets the imagery and tone for the entire film. The movie, The Neon Demon, never fails to suppress the feelings of suspense and uncertainty. Without the torture porn and gore filled fun, this film may not be written under the underlying rules of what the average American expects a horror movie to be. But, it’s the eerie artistic visuals, the platonic techno music, and the intense feeling of uncertainty of what happens next is what draws this movie’s fine line between art and horror. This is not your typical run-of-the-mill horror movie. It does not have relatable characters, relatable scenes, or even a satisfying conclusion. Contrary, it …show more content…
One being that a believable setting is a must in a good horror film. Two being, “the pace of a good horror story is also important, meaning that the action must be level throughout the tale,” (McGlassson, Michael). Opposing to his opinion, every scene in The Neon Demon is cinematic and drawn out through its contemporized art, and the repetitive instruments that change accordingly to what’s happening. From a body hanging from the ceiling with nothing but a black background to a single still of a woman painted red, the definition of The Neon Demon is minimalistic but unrealistic. The steady pace and strange scenes construct the build up to the impactful ending chase scene that is every little bit unresolving but

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