Essay Dear Members Of The Graduate Admissions Committee

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Dear members of the graduate admissions committee: My background as a language learner and my own knowledge as a language instructor is what motivates me to pursue a doctorate in Second Language Studies at Michigan State University. In this program, I will be able to expand my knowledge and experience to conduct useful research and encourage others to learn foreign languages. My interest in foreign languages and language acquisition began when I moved to Indiana to spend a year as a high school exchange student where I experienced first-hand the issues of acquiring a second language, mainly not being comprehensible. In my English courses in Italy the focus was mostly on writing and translation, while less importance was given to speaking. For this reason, when I first arrived in Indiana I was not able to be understood and it was quite frustrating. After living in Indiana for a few months, I was finally able to communicate with native speakers, and I remember feeling accomplished when at the end of the first semester I did a presentation in English in the literature course I was taking. Living abroad was an experience which made me more independent, increased my desire to travel and see the world, and it helped me realize that I was quite good at learning languages. After I finished high school I was interested in continuing my academic career in the field of linguistics. In my second year as an undergraduate student studying Spanish I struggled with the test and the…

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