Essay on Dear, Abbey And My Family

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Dear, Abbey

I wanted to write you this letter so you know how much you really mean to me. But sometimes when there is too much to say, it 's better to write than to speak. But anyways, Yes, I don 't feel loved much sometimes.. Yes We are getting in our arguments.. Yes, I 'm super jealous of all these other guys.. Yes, there 's those eight things, but guess what. I will ALWAYS love you and will never ever stop, you mean the world to me and i 'd do anything for you. Look your family is my family now baby, I will Love them, take care of them, and respect them and just be silly with them. What’s mine is yours so my phone, wallet, social medias, car, everything I own is yours now abbey and I hope what 's yours is mine. But your family is now my family and I will defend you and your family with my life if I have too and if it was just me and your family left on the earth with zombies or something I would protect them and do everything for you and them baby. I 've never been so in love before that 's why i’m waiting for you honey. I promise to be loyal, caring, loving, and respectful and love your family like my own. Your a beautiful girl that is beautiful inside and out and I won 't ever give up on you. I trust and love you very much. You are my happiness so without you I wouldn 't be happy. Babygirl I want you to be my wife and I want you to be the mother of my kids in the future. We have a very special relationship. We both know without ever needing to say so how in love we…

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