Dean's List and More Essay

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Dean’s List And More

A Research Essay About Why College Students
Are Using and Abusing Stimulants To Get By

February, 2014


Prescription stimulant use as academic performance enhancers is increasingly widespread among college students and the prescription stimulant use as "cognitive enhancers" has been described among undergraduate college students. Adderall and Ritalin are the most popular among the students. Some use the drugs to stay awake to study to get by with good grades, even with acknowledgement of the dangers of using. However, the use of prescription stimulants among future graduated students is at risk.

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Chapter 1
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Purpose of the Study The purpose of the study is to discover the reasons why the undergraduate college students start using prescription stimulants. Also, to gain knowledge of the risk of stimulants used by the students.
Statement of the Problem Undergraduate students misuse prescription stimulants to “get in the zone” or pull all night study sessions, while they mistakenly believe prescription medications are safe because they are FDA approved and prescribed by doctors.

Research Questions What makes a student start using prescription drugs? Is the student addicted to prescription drugs?
Significance of the Study While some students abuse prescription medications to feel good or get high, plenty of others turn to these medications to help manage their daily lives, such as: to reduce the stress and anxiety of college life, boost their mood, stay up all night writing a term paper or increase their stamina on the field. Even the best and the brightest can feel the pressure to fit in socially and excel academically. Understanding why undergraduate college students abuse prescription drugs can help student leaders, parents, campus advisors, coaches and health care providers to be prepared and intervene early.
I have chosen to study undergraduate college students nationwide because once away from home, students, often for the first time, are subject to temptations and demands of college life

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