Dean Foods Case Study

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Define a Problem
Employees at Dean Foods work at different shifts, overtime and double-time. Most of the times the employees eat fast-food or unhealthy foods. The employee working those shifts complained about having very little time or no time for preparation of lunch. This eventually effects on employee performance at work. The employee performance is key for the company success. Friedman (2014) said that “Food has a direct impact on our cognitive performance, which is why a poor decision at lunch can derail an entire afternoon.” Especially, for an employee working in food production place needs to more energy as they have to keep up quality control to avoid risks associated with million dollars of a law suit. Typical, Dean Foods production
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The main problem observed in implementing this program is that companies free meal policies have been changing constantly. The company has invest lot of time and money in updating the policy according to employee preferences and company budget. Nielson (2014) explained about the tax code and mentioned that “Employers may prefer to rely on the de minimis exclusion for subsidized company cafeterias described above rather than the exclusion under section 119 because the rules are more straightforward and mechanical, assuming that the facility generates some revenue.” Dean Foods can take an advantage de minimis rule, this rule is that employers providing meals for employees working overtime. The de minimis exclusion is like “Win-Win”, as it to gain money and also have an employee on premises during their …show more content…
The company has cafeteria only in selective plants but the employees at every plant are subjected to do overtime. The company should make a mandatory cafeteria at every single plant. The company can have a kitchen in the cafeteria or can have a contract with the restaurant. The company can attract more talented employees and can be the first public company to provide employee perks by this addition. Malcolm (2015) in US Today article said that “Employees say the presence of snacks and availability of free meals fosters a more collaborative atmosphere and sense of fun.” This is the most current update of the employee satisfaction towards the free food. Dean Foods can provide lunch and make more varieties of snacks available for the employees. The researchers show the companies gained the employee quality of work. As mentioned earlier food industry focuses on food quality and safety, this free meal program and increases the

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