Dealing with Stress Essay

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Dealing With Stress

My senior thesis project is going to be about stress. I want to learn how to educate others (my peers) throughout a web site about stress, what it is, how serious it is and how to deal with it. I will create a Wonder How To account where I am going to update every time I have something or learn something new about stress. I am interested in this project because I know counselors have to deal with this type of problems, and know information about what is stress and how to deal with it. By doing this project I will be a step closer in knowing a start of big problems among teens.

My investigation for my senior thesis will be:

What affects does stress cause in your body?

How could teens alleviate
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I will accomplish this by going to interviews. The kind of work I will create outside of school will be my interviews, research, surveys, and working on my tests. The technologies I will use are going to be any documentary related to stress.

Active Learning

The resources that I will be using are going to be internet, books, interviews any mentors that I will be getting along, any adult on campus, my peers help, articles, videos and, documentary. The adults that are going to help me out are my advisor Jessica Davis, and any one on campus. I will also get help from my senior thesis committee group and their feedback.

Academic Rigor:

My Project is going to be challenging by the model I am going to do in order to explain the brain while stress is occurring in the brain. This work is going to challenge me by making a website because I had never created a website or made a model of something in my life. Another thing that it would challenge me in is testing out my surveys results. This is something that I have never tried before. This project is making me try out and experiment more than I had done in the past with my surveys and my projects.

Empirical Reasoning

For Empirical Reasoning I will make a model to show how the brain works when you are stress and when you are not stress out. I will also test out results from my survey. I will also be doing two different types of surveys that will be base on who do they deal with stress and who are more stress

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