Dealing With My Mother's Behavior Case Study

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The Challenge of Dealing With My Mother 's Behavior

Since I was a child, I have received considerable affection from my parents. I am not an ungrateful daughter, but actually it makes me feel nervous. Sometimes, it was embarrassing me because my mother, Izabel, did not know the correct time to treat me like her baby, and I dislike when she talks about our intimacy out loud, talking with a different tone of voice, and with a peculiar semblance of proud mother in her face. Another thing that makes me feel bad is how she has an old fashioned attitude; once in a while she judges my behavior, saying that my conduct is not correct for my gender. Finally, she is very bossy when she wants to be, and sometimes I cannot handle it. Therefore, those
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I lived my entire life in a harmonious and lovely place. I had a beautiful yard full of trees, and my only grudge is to not have had a puppy. However, my mother has always been overprotective with me, mainly when she calls me her baby. This has always been a bit embarrassing, and it makes me wince. When I turned eighteen and went to college, she always came to my university by herself to hear about my day. Then, when she did not find me, she always asked my friends if they had seen "her baby" there. It made me irritated and very frustrated with her behavior because this kind of treatment should not be shown in public. An other example to illustrate it happened in September 1, 2006, in my birthday party when I turned 15 year old. My father rent a ballroom and my entire family, friends, and neighbors went there. That evening my mother made a beautiful and proud speech, however she called me as her baby in front of everybody at the end of the speech. Instantly, everyone inside the room started laughing, and it was a real disaster for me in my special …show more content…
After I grew up, my mother still treated me like a child, and she began to intrude on my private life. I have never been expelled from school (even though Math was not my strong suit), I never slept away from home without her consent, and I never drank and did stupid things in my entire life. However, she thinks because I am a girl, I cannot go out with my friends and come back late to my house. One day, she said that girls have to stay inside the house learning how to cook for their husbands because it is important in a marriage. She also treats me differently from my brother, and it makes me feel uncomfortable, mainly when she says that something is not a thing that a girl can do. One day, I argued with my brother to change the TV channel because I do not like football at all, and I would like to put on a channel that everyone enjoys to watch. He yelled with me, and she agreed with him, not because we were fighting for something stupid, or because he was in the room before; but her reason was because he is bigger than me and a man. She said I should have respect for him, and I my thought about it is completely

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