Dealing with Loss Essay

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One Art: Dealing with loss through self-expression

We have all lost someone or little mundane things like keys and we get heartbroken or angry but we must learn to deal with it and let it go as Bishop states, “the art of losing isn't hard to master.” But its easier said than done as losing a key can be replaced but losing someone whom we love can be a nightmare, in Bishop terms a “disaster.” Losing tangible and intangible possession we carry is part of life, but furthermore it is important to realize that coping with such a loss is the part of our existence that is necessary.

In “One Art,” Bishop is rationalizing and adopting to her actual losses. She uses poetry has a medium to self-express and reflect her own personal loss and
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In the first stanza, Bishop makes us believe that she is confident to cope with the loss and to lose is a part of life, but we all know that losses are hard to cope with as she sounds unreasonable and all losses are not irreplaceable. But she wants us to know that she is able to cope with those losses and those loses are not worth anything. We know, she isn't bluffing to us, as she mentions her losses, her mother's watch, houses, cities, rivers and even a continent and how she could easily cope with it as such disaster wasn't hard for her to master. As each stanza goes on, the objects she loses is more and more significant and she is convincing herself it's ok to lose things. In the end, she is lying to us, as she adds two words, 'too' and 'like' to master and disaster respectively. The word too implies that she is still finding it hard to cope with the loss, the loss of losing her lover and the like which she repeats twice to end it with disaster, is her acceptance, that it is indeed a disaster.

Bishop was doomed with loses. Poor Bishop was deprived of parental care before she could mature into a woman as her father had died when she was eight months old and her mother had been hospitalize in a public sanatorium when she was five. She shifts from one place(cities/continents) to another and with each shift she loses her connection with those places. She was accustomed to those loses, but tragic fell upon

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