Dealing With Generation X And Generation Y Essay

1137 Words Apr 18th, 2016 null Page
Dealing with Generation X and Generation Y in the Workplace When you take a look at any given workplace in today’s world you will see more diversity than ever before. This not only includes more women, minorities, and religious groups but more age differences than ever as well. There are more generations working together at the same time and in the same place than there has ever been in history. It is not uncommon to see a seventy-year-old person working in the same place as an eighteen-year-old person. This creates an interesting dynamic in the modern workplace because this age range includes six different generations of workers that need to be fully understood to get the best job performance possible. The majority of newcomers in the workforce in 2016 is made up of the younger generations, Generation X and Generation Y. Even though these generations have more in common than any other two generations to this point, the differences between Gen X and Gen Y make dealing with the respected workers of each generation and managing them in the workplace a vastly different experience. When thinking about the differences between any two generations the first thing one must consider is what defines a generation. Is it the year you were born that defines your generation, or is it a matter of personal preferences and tastes that defines the generation you belong to? As it turns out, it can be a little bit of each factor that determines which generation any person belongs to because…

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