Dealing With Family Members Can Be Difficult Essay

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Dealing with family members can be difficult. Whether the difficulty stems from sharing a room with a sibling, taking orders from a parent or grandparent, or even cleaning up after a pet, coexisting with multiple people under one roof is not an easy task. Many American families, however, deal with a much more painstaking issue: divorce. It is estimated that 40-50% of American couples get divorced, many of whom have developed families with children. My family is no exception from this statistic. Growing up in a divided household is a difficult task to cope with; from trying to figure out which clothes were at which house to trying to understand the entire situation as an 8 year old, my parents ' divorce affected me heavily. As I approached my teenage years, my mother had completely changed. She was re-married, and her new husband resented our presence in their home. I also found myself with many more responsibilities, including heavily caring for my younger brother and making sure that his homework and other school and extracurricular needs were addressed and taken care of. As time went on, my mother 's relationship with me declined steadily. Not after long, our disagreements had turned physical and were aggressive in nature. I felt alone and I blamed myself for a lot of the ways that my mother responded to me in anger. These issues affected me in a very large way. I became depressed for an extended period of time and felt like there was no reason to continue living in the…

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