Dealing With Dysthymia. Dysthymia Essay

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Dealing with Dysthymia
Dysthymia. It can take the life of a person, it can change how someone acts, affecting the life of the victim. It took one shot for Jesse, and he was on the floor in the next second. It took this horrible disorder/disease that affected many people in our family to kill not one, two, but four, almost six, that I know of. I have suffered with dysthymia ever since I was little, I cannot blame myself or my family for passing this to me, because they did not want this terrible disease either; and genes are very incredible because, they can either make or break someone. One reason why I chose this topic was because, I have an interest to learn about one of the many things that runs in my family, that has taken the life away of loved ones. Also, I wanted to inform myself of something that affects me and that has shaped my life to who I am today, without this “disease” I don’t know if the people i’ve met would be in my life right now.
Dysthymia comes from the Ancient Greeks, it means to have a bad state of mind, and it is considered a mood disorder, so that includes both cognitive (mental, examples are memory, judgement, etc) and physical causes. Dysthymia is a very mild but, chronic depression meaning, it is long-lasting; depression is a disorder where people tend to lose the feeling of being happy, and loss of interest too. This disorder is categorized as a major depressive disorder or they call it the dysthymic disorder, and the adult who suffers with…

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