Essay on Dealing With Criminal Offenses : Court Rulings

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When dealing with criminal offenses, court rulings have arranged to have a set prison sentence for various crimes. From robberies to drugs to murders, each crime has established its own degree of seriousness. As the offense gets more serious, the amount of time spent in jail increases. However, a sprouting trend has managed to raise questions regarding whether or not the sentencing times are fairly assigned to its designated crime. Confusion surrounds the time spent for small time drug offenses. It is not fair for a person to be stuck in four walls for an extensive amount of time in relation to a miniscule felony committed.
Drug related incarcerations have had extremely long sentencing periods for small time offenders. Whether it involves someone who deals drugs, or someone who is under the influence of them, the sentences for these crimes are too long in comparison to more serious crimes. A person who is caught even with the slightest bit of marijuana can get a sentence as long as life in prison.
The most common reason individuals get arrested is for the possession of weed, or marijuana. There are different scales used to decide what punishments to give to drug offenders depending on the amount of drugs they possess and they state they reside in. According to, the different types of offenses deal with the size of the drug, “A small punishment for a drug offense includes a state jail felony with possible punishment of up to 2 years in jail and…

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