Dealing With Conflict Within The Workplace Essay

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Dealing with Conflict in the Workplace
Conflict arises anytime there is a dispute or disagreement in the workplace. This is not necessarily indicative of a poor work environment. Conflict in the work place has been defined as “a sharp disagreement or opposition of interests or ideas. Anytime people work together, conflict is a part of ‘doing business’.” (Human Resources the University of Oklahoma, 2016). There are a few different types of conflict in the work place: conflict with a boss, conflict with a peer, and conflict with direct reports or a teammate in a workgroup Fox (2015).
Many people may believe that they haven’t experienced this issue, and some may deal with it on a day to day basis. There are many things that can be done to end or even avoid the issue all together. There are easy and more challenging ways to face the issue, but as a manager it cannot be avoided. The manager, as a leader, needs to keep the environment in which his or her employees work, safe and friendly therefore motivating all employees to work to their greatest potential. According to Human Resources at Oklahoma University that 25 percent of the average managers’ time is spent resolving conflict in his or her workplace, therefore resulting in lowered office performance (HRUO, 2016).
What Causes Conflict in the Workplace
Conflict in the workplace is caused by a variety of issues. One cause of conflict is the clashing of different personalities. Two employees may be exemplary…

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