Essay on Deafness And Its Effects On Society

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In mainstream society, we, as hearing people, tend to consider deafness as a defect. We tend to look at them with a feeling of pity. If they success in the hearing world, we will applaud them for overcoming a severe deficiency. We tend to consider signing as an inferior replacement for “real” language such as English or Spanish. We believe that all Deaf people will try to lip-read when communicating with hearing people as the only way to interact. Finally, when we heard about the devices such as cochlear implants, we joyfully praised them as signs of hope that one day eliminate completely deaf. That’s also my point of view about deafness as the beginning of ASL and when I had just started to read A Loss For Words by Lou Ann Walker. I found a quote from Helen Keller in the book that got my attention at first: “Blindness cuts people off from things; deafness cuts people off from people." This quote seems a very accurate description of what Lou Ann’s parents - Gale and Doris Jean-’ world must have been. Their deafness separate themselves off from their family and people around them. They never had had a real conversation with their parents and siblings since their father didn’t learn a single sign, and their mother and siblings knew the fundamentals but not enough to carry on a regular conversation. People stared at them whenever they go out and use signs. When Lou Ann brings her mom to Parents’ Day at school, the teacher seems not to respect Doris Jean since guests generally…

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