Difference Between Deaf Community And Social World

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For the study of idoloculture and the group, I had decided to use the group that I am apart of, Executive Board for Deaf Redbirds Association.
The Executive Board contains nine members: Megan who is a white female who is twenty years old and apart of middle class status. Kate is a white female who is twenty-one years old and comes from middle class status. Sammie, she is a white female who is twenty-one and comes from upper middle class status. Abby, who is a white twenty years old female who is from middle class status. Brittany who is a female and nineteen years old. She had decided not to disclose her class status. Sophie who is non-binary nineteen years old, she also did not disclose her class status. Fourth member, Darius who is only
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Subculture is social networking which they have frequent interaction, share the identify, the worldview and practices. The main difference between Social World and subculture is: subcultures are marginalized and Social World is the voluntary involvement from the members. I feel like my group is individually part of the subculture of Deaf world because we all share the world view with the Deaf culture even we have different opinions on communication and teaching methods to the Deaf people. My group is also considered as apart of Social World as we hold a responsibility to oversee that Deaf Redbirds Association runs smoothly. We hold have a lot of traditions that we encourage people to participate. For example, we host Deaf Awareness Week every year in end of March to early April. We also held sign practices twice each week and the event chairs hosted various events that help to promote for the people who are interested to gain the access of chances to socialized with each other while learning Deaf culture at same time. Our group is more of leisure-oriented with service-oriented and social-oriented; we attempt to make DRA a place where the members can have fun while learning about the Deaf culture and American Sign Language. We attempt to tie the gap between Deaf and hearing world by educating them in Deaf culture and the methods of communication. We also …show more content…
Since my father owns couple of offices and his professionalism, we have pretty above average income for middle class. I was fortunate enough to able to enjoy what I received. When I was younger, I never thought about my privilege as my parents taught me that not everyone is able to get what they want so I was considerate of my friend’s status. However, when I first attended college, my world was suddenly bigger which I recognized my privilege as my parents paid for my college education. This turning point, I felt lucky enough to able to afford a college education without having to worry to find a job to pay off my debts. I do feel guilty once in while about my family’s status by seeing how my friends struggle to pay off their loans while attending classes at same time. Megan had kindly informed about her status. Her mother is Educational secretary and her father is Funeral director, both her parents have Bachelor’s degree. She recognizes her status as middle class and she is aware of her privilege and how other person does not have. She took her privilege as granted but she is learning how to become more aware of her privilege and how it affects people that she interacted with. Kate informed me that her mother is office manager and has bachelors. She also considers herself lucky to have opportunities but she

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