Deaf Man Reflection

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The lesson that is being presented in The Healing of a Deaf Man, I believe, is that God has the power to control and fix anything in our life that we are struggling with, as long as we have faith in him. In these verses, the people that brought the deaf man to Jesus “begged him to lay his hand on him” (Mark 7:32) because they had such strong faith in Jesus and all the great things that he is capable of doing, and they wanted him to apply those powers in an effort to heal the man. From this story, we should learn that maintaining our faith in God is very important. Many people say they are Catholic and believe in God, but they only call to him when they are in need of something, and never to thank him for all that he does. If we expect God to …show more content…
Although us students and our families may not be able to physically heal those who were injured in the boating accident, we are doing as much as we possibly can by donating to help speed up their recovery process and cover some of their medical bills. Jesus may have been able to physically heal the deaf man within a matter of seconds because of the power invested in him from his father, but we are not capable of doing so. Although we can not perform miracles as Jesus did, we are still able to raise money and donate it to those involved in the accident, without expecting to receive absolutely anything in return. This most definitely relates to the passage written by Mark because those who are donating to the Go Fund Me for those hurt in the accident are doing so as a kind gesture, and not because they want to be thanked or acknowledged, just as Jesus did not wish to receive attention or praise for the good deeds he had done, too. (Sun Sentinel - August 18,

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