Deaf Culture Is Truly Amazing Essay

825 Words Nov 13th, 2015 4 Pages
Deaf culture is truly amazing. It has spread all across the world, traveling near and far. In the film History Through Deaf Eyes, you can see the changes and the acceptance that the world has created for deaf people over the years. Society has changed and become more accepting of others. Deaf people are normal people. They may have a handicap, but that does not hinder their learning or communication. Personally, I find it amazing that ASL has grown the way it has. It is in every ethnic group and region of the United States, not to mention how much it has spread globally. Before I watched History Through Deaf Eyes, I thought that not very many people knew someone who was deaf, but after I realized that deaf culture reaches a countless amount of people everywhere across the globe. In Children of a Lesser God, Marlee Matlin had a leading role. This was a huge accomplishment for people involved with deaf culture. I learned three signs that went along with this. The first sign is dream, the second is award, and the third is role. All three of these signs are key terms that go along with describing things that go with the film. As a man said in History Through Deaf Eyes, “deaf is a part of me”. The film made me realize that not all deaf people want to be cured. American Sign Language is an amazing culture and lifestyle. American Sign Language as well as British and French Sign Language have spread all across the globe. I find it stunning at how many dialects are around the…

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