Essay on Deaf Culture And Cochlear Implants

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In recent years, numerous technological advances have come forth in an attempt to resolve or dampen the effects of different sensory impairments. Since around the intermediate years of the 1900s, one invention in particular has been designed, revised, and debated over with the purpose of aiding individuals who suffer complete and various partial forms of hearing loss. Hearing loss involves cochlear malfunction, and the cochlea is the primary hearing organ in the inner ear. Over the past few decades, the cochlear implant has been tested and revamped in order to adapt to the various discoveries of deafness in humans. While cochlear implants may appear to be a complete solution for those who suffer from complete or partial hearing loss, one community in particular has expressed concerns with the integrity of such technology. The deaf community fears that their identity, lifestyle, and sense of culture could be at risk if cochlear implants developed continue to develop to their full potential in the hands of the hearing community. This analysis of deaf culture and cochlear implants will attempt to properly explain the views between the hearing community and the deaf community on cochlear implants, the appropriate uses of these implants, and the criteria for developing and implementing these devices into the deaf community. (Sparrow, Deaf culture deserves the same mutual respect and importance as any other culture in modern society. It encompasses and touches individuals…

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