Deadliest Pandemics: The Black Death

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The Black Death was one of the deadliest pandemics I human history, starting in Britain between 1348 to1350. The Black Death was one of the many catastrophes to happen following an increase I the population during the Middle Ages. “It killed 30-50% of the countries entire population,” said Andrew Hamilton. The lack of information about The Black Death affected the population, the spread of the disease and increased the awareness of the lack medical help.
Europe’s population had been hard hit which had an economic impact. Work forces, farms, and abandoned buildings had been destroyed. The price of labor sky rocketed in the face of the worker shortage, and the cost of goods rose (James).
The Black Death spread from Europe to Asia. There were 75-200 million deaths estimated dying people and peaking in Europe in the years 1346-53. No amount of medical knowledge could have helped England when the plague struck (Benedictow).
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The disease spread so fast people were scared that it could possibly be air born. The symptoms were extremely deadly doctors could not control it fast enough, because you had 2-6 days to stop it before death occurred (Edmonds).
The Black Death was deadly, and an epidemic of bubonic plague. The term “Black Death” is recent. During the plague, it was called “The Great Mortality” or “The Pestilence”. There was no knowledge about The Black Death which led to decrease in population, no medical information, spreading of the disease. The Black Death was a huge effect on people during the medieval

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