Dead Men Do Tell Tales Analysis

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Ashley Reyes
Forensic Anthropology
Prof. Mires
Dead Men Do Tell Tales
Dead Men Do Tell Tales, by William Maples, talks about the most horrific cases of conquistador Francisco Pizarro and Vietnam MIAs to the secretive deaths of President Zachary Taylor and the family of Czar Nicholas the second. Maples is a forensic anthropologist that worked at the C.A. Pound Human Identification Laboratory at the Florida Museum of Natural history. He wrote this autobiography in 1994 and demonstrated how he can find out the age, ethnicity, and gender of any murder victim. Based on his knowledge and understanding, he is able to identify the killer as well. Although Maples only wrote one book, he has worked on many investigations in criminal cases in
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He experienced 5 difficult dismemberment cases each year. The victims are dead in dismemberment cases. In the book, it says that most dismembering is done in bathtubs. Back in the day hacksaws were most often used to dismember the bodies and easy to identify the body in the lab. Now they used chainsaws because it saves up time however, they shouldn’t be recommended. Maples’ job was to cut his victims into pieces and to put himself in the position of that murderer. That being said, this book strongly focused on the importance of murder …show more content…
It’s important to gather as much information about the death. Maples showed so much respect for the dead which I believe more forensic anthropologists should do. I honestly enjoyed the book and was well written and showed that there’s a need for forensic anthropologists to give to justice. This was a very interesting book and it made me get a better understanding of forensic pathology as well. I learned more about science and the scientific procedures that are used in the field of forensic anthropology. There are many methods used when studying bones. There were many details in his work and cared for all bones. Many readers would be impressed by his work and the way he tells it. That being said, I would definitely recommend the book to those who are interested in criminology and forensic

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