De Extinction Essay examples

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De-Extinction is one of the hottest topics in the science world currently and it tops the lists of conservation and genetic scientists alike for next big project. Though this could be a great way to learn of past species and finally see them for ourselves, at what cost is a species revived? The idea of bringing back an extinct species, such as some type of dinosaur, comes with many questions that most find to be debatable. Conflicts arise from every aspect of this “new” animal including how it is created and if an environment can be created for it to live. This loss of habitat is what has triggered many of the human-caused extinctions in the past century. Humans are responsible for the extinction of about 500 species including the Xerces …show more content…
Ethics is another issue in the wide world of cloning and de-extinction. Many religions find cloning to be unnatural and not created by a God or higher power. Though it is considered blasphemy to some it is considered to be profitable to others. A problem that we would be facing is clones that are just made for a zoo to buy and make money off of. This would be an animal basically brought back to life and re-bred for captivity. This is not necessarily

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