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Online education VS Traditional Education
Asia Clarke
March 25, 2012

Online education VS Traditional Education
In this present day with the technology that exists there are more options to obtain a higher education. Both online and traditional colleges have their advantages and disadvantages. Deciding on which style fits depends on the students’ needs. This will be brought to attention in this essay. It seems in the present day more students are looking for a more convenient way to acquire an education. They are achieving degrees online compared to attending traditional colleges.
Online education is becoming more popular than traditional education. Online education gives more freedom to allow individuals to return
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An online University of Phoenix Bachelor's degree is an average of $14,820. Compared to a private four-Year College cost $35,000 or more yearly in tuition and fees on average. (, ND) This takes a big role in how to pay for college and receive a degree in a reasonable amount of time.
With the way technology is in the present day, the resources available are as equal online as to traditional education. Accessing books, assignments, and school library’s resources are at ease from any location with access to the internet. Simulations and role-playing techniques are effective teaching methods that supplement lecture based learning in the classroom. These non-lecture based teaching techniques greatly enhance student engagement in the classroom and make students active participants in the learning process.
Online education helps students with the learning with social networking. This allows students to achieve new learning skills: such as learning teams, more access to reliable information and feedback on one person’s ideas and thoughts. The special kind of communication and interaction is interesting and has a pedagogical potential. “Social Networks” are really just collections of Web 2.0 technologies combined in a way that help to build online communities.
Most people are familiar with the traditional classroom setting of a college or university.

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