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District of Columbia v. Howell

607 A.2d 501 (D.C. App. 1992)

District of Columbia Court of Appeals

Strayer University

Online Campus

Memphis, TN

December 3, 2009

1. Case Name, Citation, and Court

District of Columbia v. Howell

607 A.2d 501 (D.C. App. 1992)

District of Columbia Court of Appeals

2. Key Facts

A. The Murch School Summer Discovery Program was designed to provide hands-on education for

gifted and talented eight and nine year old children. (Cheeseman, 2009).

B. The program was started in 1985 when the Murch school principal, Ms. Gill, attended a reception at

Mt. Vernon
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G. Jagoe held a Master’s degree in chemistry and a Ph.D. candidate at The American University and

was hired to teach chemistry to the eight and nine year olds at Murch Schoo (Cheeseman, 2009).

H. Before the first general staff meeting, he told Butta that as part of the class he would do a

luminescence experiment and a "cold-pack" experiment, and wanted to make sparklers

with the children. Jagoe and Butta discussed the safety of the sparkler experiment only in

regards to the location where the children would be allowed to light the sparklers

(Cheeseman, 2009).

I. On 08/01/1985, a staff meeting was conducted in which Gill, Butta, and all the instructors

and counselors were present. Each instructor briefly explained what they intended to do

with their class. Jorge explained to the group, which several instructors verified and

testified, that he planned to make sparklers as one of the chemistry experiments conducted

in his class. Gill, who was in and out of the meeting, stated she did not recall hearing

Jogoe discuss this experiment. However, notes taken by Gill at the meeting revealed that

she heard him discuss the luminescence and cold pack experiments and asked him

questions concerning both. Gill spoke and emphasized the “hands on” nature of the

experiment and her hopes for its

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