Dc Circuits, Parallel, And Series Parallel Essay

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A DC circuit is a circuit in which current can only flow in one direction, constantly and with constant polarity. As opposed to alternating current, which changes its flow direction at regular intervals and can also increase or decrease in value. In this essay I will be mainly describing DC circuits wired in series, parallel, and series-parallel. In a DC series circuit the components are all wired together from end to end with the same amount of current flowing through each component. In a simple series circuit all that is required is a power source (battery), conductor, and a resistor. In order to better understand how a series circuit works you must first begin to understand how each of the basic components function and contribute to the circuit. The power source is easy enough to explain. It provides the voltage for the circuit to be able to run. The conductor provides a path for the current to flow and the resistor limits the amount of current flow. When you combine these components the voltage source provides the power, which flows through the conductor and is limited by the resistor to meet the needs required by that specific circuit. When you advance from the basic simple series circuit you might encounter more than one resistor installed in the circuit. To calculate the total resistance of a series circuit you simply add the value of resistance (ohms) in each resistor, the sum of the resistors is the total resistance of that circuit.
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