Essay on Dbm 502 Week One

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Database Environment, Development Process, and Staffing Tables

Part I

Database Environment Table

Describe each component of the database environment, and provide a common vendor-supplied example or an example of how this component relates to the rest of the database environment.

|Components |Description |Example |
|Database Management |The Computer Software application that |MySQL, MS-SQL, Oracle IBM DB2.. Etc |
|System (DBMS) |interacts with the user and other applications | |
|Repository |A storage location for safety of
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|allow for user database interfaces. |
|Data Models |Organizes data and standardizes how the data |Business model integration. Conceptual |
| |relates to one another. |Data Model, Logical data Model, Physical |
| | |Data Model |
|Personal Databases |A database built for personal use. |An example is a database built to hold a |
| | |personal bank accounts transactions |
|Workgroup Databases |Workgroup databases are used by departments or |Microsoft access or file maker pro |
| |groups within larger corporations, usually less|databases are a typical implementation. |
| |than 100 users and less than 2 million records | |
|Departmental or |A larger scale database than a workgroup |Ms-SQL database dual homed with |
|Divisional Databases |database, usually with some more robust |transaction validation to ensure a |
| |failover / redundancy solutions implemented |database has the correct information at |
| | |all

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