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Throughout history, there have been many robberies in America, but only one remains a mystery. The name Dan Cooper, also known as DB Cooper, is well known by many. This was the name of the passenger who skyjacked the Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 305 on November 24, 1971. Cooper threatened to blow up the plane if he was not given four parachutes and 200,000 dollar, so Northwest Airlines responded willingly. After landing in Seattle to get his demands, the plane refueled and took off again. Today, there is evidence that people use to debate whether the person who committed the crime was DB Cooper or someone else, and if the criminal would have been able to survive jumping from that high of an elevation.

It is possible that DB Cooper may have not been the person whose name was presented on the plane ticket. According to Brad Meltzer, “The name DB Cooper, short for Dan Cooper, is nothing more than a fabrication made by the press” (2013). “ “Dan Cooper” is actually the name many people think he got from a French comic book” (Meltzer, 2013). The book Into the Blast by Robert Belvins identifies a former Northwest Airlines employee named Kenneth Peter Christiansen as a suspect for the skyjacking. “Reasons why Christiansen could be believed to be the person who committed this unsolvable crime include he worked
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