Days Of Heaven Analysis

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The film I have been assigned is called “Days of heaven” and it was directed by Terrence Malick. Days of heaven was released September 13th, 1978. I wasn’t very fond of Days of heaven, because although the art and scenery of the movie are well crafted that is not all it takes for a movie to be perceived as good. Unfortunately, due to the lack of dullness of the story itself I cannot acclaim Days of heaven a good movie. The film in my personal opinion is very bland and boring, despite the beautiful scenery and clips, which I must add can get a bit repetitive. The love story is cute, but it is not strong enough to carry a continuing focus for the, often times I was easily distracted, which is why I can’t quite say that I like the film. Nevertheless, the films artwork and scenery are fantastic and should be praised for that factor solely in my opinion. On that note, Days of heaven hold five important features in my opinion, these features represent the ideal I declare most relevant about this movie; the beauty and artistry depicted in the film. The first term is kick off, this term means the beginning of photography in a film, in my opinion Days of heaven began …show more content…
It to me, was like the a stereotypical cheerleader, very pretty and fun to look at but nothing deeper than that, only surface deep. The visual techniques used in the movie were spectacular, and I do think it would have been quite more enjoyable with a better story line but produced with the same artistry. The term ‘lila’ is what I feel directly reflects Days of heaven. The artistry behind the picture has a sense of divinity, perfection. I must admit that this film has to be one of the most beautiful pictures I have watched in a long time. Unfortunately though, the filmed possessed ‘lila’ in the cinematographic aspect, but not it was nowhere near godly or original in the storyline which I feel can be revised

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