Daycare Today Essay

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Childcare Today In this day and age childcare has become a key component to allow both parents to continue to provide and remain in the work force but this luxury comes at a high cost. According to USA Today, nearly 80% of children by the age of four will spend time in a daycare center (Szabo). Quality childcare offers many benefits for children of all ages in the present and in their future like social and cognitive development skills, early learning and a structured schedule. There are also concerns when it comes to childcare like safety and cost. Childcare centers offer many beneficial perks for the child and also for the parent. According to quality centers employ staff members who have been
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Another interesting aspect that researchers from the University of Texas found in a study of 1,300 children evaluated at intervals between the ages of one month to age four, found that mothers of children who were in a quality care setting were more likely to be involved in the child’s school when the child started kindergarten. More involved including regular communication with teachers, attending open houses and more likely to develop relationships with parents of the child’s classmates, demonstrating that childcare also can benefit mothers (Rochman). Not only does childcare promote social and cognitive skills it also creates a structured environment in the class room as well as a weekly routine. describes why parents prefer childcare centers over a nanny. They explain that a childcare center is an establishment that is inspected for licensing and have a director to oversee the operation as a whole. They mention that daycare centers are reliable and have clear-cut rules in place for parents and also provide stability for parents. They define stability meaning you have an agreement whether the teacher is sick or late that the childcare center will watch over your child in result it will not disrupt the parents working schedule (Daycare Centers). Attending childcare centers offer a large array of early learning opportunities that they would not

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