Day Lunch Prepare Yourself Mentally Essay

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Day 1- Prepare yourself mentally. One of the reasons why people often fail in losing weight, or give up after a while, is because they never took the time to sit down and actually prepare a realistic, step by step weight loss program. The reason why it is important for you to plan this journey, is because this way, your objectives and set goals are personified, and you can set what should work for you. Don’t just imitate whatever you read on a magazine or watch on TV, do what works for you.
So, without any delay, let’s explain how a weight loss goal and a plan to reach this goal should be made of:
-Step1: Determine how much you want to lose, or should we say; your ideal weight. First, as discussed earlier, you will calculate your BMI, which will give you a perfect idea of how much you should normally be weighing. But how do you calculate it? Well you basically have to multiply your weight and then divide it by your height (which is multiplied by itself). Which would look like this: BMI = (Weight in lbs x 703) / (Height in inches) x (Height in inches). This way you know how much to lose and where you stand (remember that indexes between 18.5 and 24.9 designate a normal weight, and that from a BMI of 25 you are considered overweigh).
-Step2: After you are done with calculating your BMI, you’ll have to determine how much time you feel it should take you to lose that weight. Be very realistic here, as most people fail to meet up goals that are too difficult to reach,…

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