Day In The Hospital Essay

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Sitting in a hospital all day is never an exciting thing. What is even worse is when you are sitting in the hospital on a sunny weekend day in March and it 's 50 degrees outside. With that in mind, my family was there which helped make the day better. We did not go to the hospital to see and visit with family though. We went to say our final goodbyes to my grandpa. The whole day in the hospital felt like a slap to my face. It awakened me to realize all good things in life come to an end. I was not ready for my grandpa to leave. I realized that you should spend more time with the people and things in our lives that matter. It was a bright and cheery morning in the beginning of March. My brothers and I got up from bed and started to get ready …show more content…
"His organs in his body are starting to shut down on by one," mom explained. "The doctors are giving him pain killers and special medicine to try and keep him steady until we get there," dad said softly. "Your grandmother will meet us at the hospital along with your relatives." said mom as tears rolled down her face. The rest of the drive to St. Cloud which was only about 45 minutes seemed like days and hours. It felt like the world stopped and we weren 't moving. It was a long, silent, and stressful ride. After what seemed like eternity, we finally got to the hospital. We found a parking spot and grabbed our things and went inside. We found the room that grandpa was in and my cousins were already there. The room was filled with sadness and agony. They were all staring at the bed and had tears trickling down there faces like a stream. We went into the room and received and gave out hugs and hellos. Soon after my grandmother and the rest of the family had arrived. My grandma sat next to him on the edge of the bed trying to keep him comfortable. We all talked to him for a while and also tried to keep it together. There were times where we were all laughing and having fun and then there were times when the room was covered in sobs and sadness. It was getting to be a long days sitting around in the hospital room so my cousin and I decided to go for a walk to stretch our legs and to maybe find something to …show more content…
They told all of us about what is wrong and what our options are. We all decided as a family that we want the suffering to end after all these years. They said that they were gonna take him off the medicine new that were keeping him alive. It wasn 't a moment later that grandpa asked the grandkids to gather around him. When we all got near we listened what he had to say. He told us that he was proud of each one of us and that he loved to watch us grow up. He then had one last request for us. He then do us to behave ourselves and then he asked a question that I 'll never forget. He asked all of us if we could carry up his casket at the funeral. That was probably the hardest moment thought the whole day. We all said yes. We gave him our last goodbyes before the doctors gave him more pain killers which knocked him out. My parents then said to grab all your things because we were gonna leave soon. We still had to go home and do our chores and take care of the animals. The drive home was silent but not as long as the drive there. When we got home we received a Phone call. Grandpa had left this life to go to a better one. He had gone but I knew that one day I would be able to see him

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