Day Essay: 10 Decoration Ideas For Valentine Day

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10 Decoration Ideas for Valentine Day.

Valentine Day is celebrated on 14th February every year with great enthusiasm. There are various theories regarding the origination of Valentine Day celebration and one most supported belief during Middle Ages among the people of France & England was that on 14th February, bird-mating season started and people saw it as a day of romance and love. Today, valentine day is celebrated across the world with great enthusiasm as a day of celebrating love, relationships and a day to propose or accept the proposal of love.
The word, “Love” is special in life of all and immense good feelings are associated with love. The world seems colourful and beautiful for the people in love whether it is an infatuation, puppy
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Cut it into heart shapes and make a wreath using red silk ribbons to tie. To make it more creative, you can give heart shape to the wreath too. It will look attractive and hang around at the entrance door and special doors of the home. You can even write love quotes or your wishes on the heart shapes card paper. Your love life will be fascinated the way you gave a warm welcome. Give wings to your creativity and make the day memorable. 2. Decorate Living Space with Red Balloons
Buy red balloons or red heart shaped balloons and décor your living space. You can tag wishes in the thread of balloons if you want him/her to fulfil your unsaid wishes or even you can snaps from the date you first met to till date. It will mesmerize the partner. You can even décor the living space ceiling with the number of balloons for the number of years you are celebrating your relationship or love life. You can use the idea as per your choice and I am sure your love life will be amazed at your creative bend of mind. 3. Candle
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Place red roses in small cute vases or under the glass candle stand. Light the candles to get ready for the valentine feast. It will be an awesome décor for private candlelight dinner. If you are hoisting a party at cosy couch at restaurant, there too you can decorate the table in your own artistic way to flaunt your love in your own style. 6. Table Décor with Roses
Valentine day celebration without roses…unimaginable. Red roses depict love and the fragrance is the essence of love. Decorate tables with red roses and keep as many roses in the vases to the years of relationship you shared. You and your love will go crazy and would love to add in more roses with each passing year of relationship. If you are celebrating at home, you can decorate tables with red roses or if you are celebrating in group at hotel or at club, decorate in the same way to win the heart of your love. 7. Table Decorations with Infused Water

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