Day Care Centre Construction Planning Research Essay

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List the components of your daycare center before you begin laying out your floor plan. This might include a reception desk or area, a coatroom, a storage room, an activity room, a changing area, a classroom, closets, an office, a staff room and one or more bathrooms.
Measure your space before you begin designing your floorplan so you can properly place the components you want, where you want them. Consider how you want your floorplan to flow, or how people will move from one space to the next. For example, you might want your reception area up front and a staff room or office in the back. You might want to keep activity rooms next to closets
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Daily indoor and outdoor activities are to be provided for children to make use of both large and small muscles
• Infants and toddlers must be in separate space away from older children.
• A refrigerator and sink must be easily accessible.
• Toys and indoor equipment must be cleaned and disinfected daily. Safe, durable equipment and play materials must be provided.
• Either the day care center or the parent may provide food for infants not consuming table food. Feeding times and amounts consumed must be documented in writing.
Infants and toddlers must be housed and cared for at ground level unless special approval has been granted from the Department.
• Indoor space must provide a safe, comfortable environment for the children. Floors and fl oor coverings must be washable and free from drafts and dampness.
• Toilets and lavatories must be readily accessible to the children.
Exits must be unlocked and clear of equipment and debris.
• Drills for fi re and tornado must be conducted. A fl oor plan must be posted in every room indicating the areas providing the most safety in the case of a tornado and the primary and

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