Dawn Patrol : A New Perspective On The Inner Workings Of The Organization System

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Dawn Patrol deals with youths in the justice system and helps them reintegrate back into society with new skills and a new perspective on their situation. On our visit on November 11, 2015, the employees were able to share information on the inner workings of the organization
Basics of Agency
The name of the presenter was Pat Landriault. She has been at the King street Dawn Patrol for several years and was able to share the mission statement that the organization has adopted over the years: Our mission is to help children and youth become resilient in dealing with life’s challenges by: promoting the individual, family, and community competencies & strengths that protect them and reducing the social and psychological risks that make them vulnerable to adversity & setbacks. Providing professional, ethical, and therapeutic programs that rehabilitate, foster independence, and develop personal responsibility and compassion. Forming progressive partnerships and sharing timely, accurate, and relevant information with all stakeholders in the child & youth serving fields. Dawn Patrol currently has two facilities in their control. There is the Burnheart house that is a women’s only facility and deals with the housing of women who are currently on probation. Burnheart houses between 4 and 10 women at any time. They are there because they are awaiting transition and only stay for a few days to a couple weeks the house takes in everyone who has a conviction from substance abuse to…

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