David Unaipon 's Influence On Life Essay

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David Unaipon was born in 1872 in the small aboriginal community of Raukkan, South Australia 1. Unaipon was the fourth of nine children and his childhood consisted of conflict between Christians and aborigines due to the lack of understanding between the different culture and belief systems 2. His education was limited as he began school at the age of seven at Point McLeay Mission School and left to become a servant at 13. He was known for his intelligence through his schooling life and was highly praised by the “Aborigines ' Friends ' Association” for his intellectual abilities. As a young adult, Unaipon had two strong influences, science and religion. These influences are evident through a quote stated by Chester and says; “The most important books of his life, he would often say, were the Bible and the works of Isaac Newton”. Through his life, Unaipon created many inventions through his love of science. Some of these include; Significantly improving sheep shears, which revolutionised the sheep shearing business. Theorising the development of lasers and also theorising the invention of the helicopter through his observations of boomerangs.

With all these contributions to science in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, it would be presumed he would be well known in Australian society today with his legacy being thoroughly preserved in the Australian scientific community. However this is not the case. It is hypothesised that Unaipon’s undoubted ability was not used in…

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