David Mccullough 1776 Summary

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In the book 1776, David McCullough desribes the most important year in the revolutionary war, with a focus on George Washington himself. He “was a man of exceptional, almost excessive self-command, rarely permitting himself any show of discouragement or despair” ( McCullough).
The author shows Washingtons heroic battles, his early life, education, marriage to Martha Custis, his life as a weathly Virgina planter and his love of architecture. This book is about the history of the United States because it talks about the revolutionary war, which is the United States gaining a constitution and becoming independent. That definitly has something to do with the history of the United States. One believes that the revolutionary war is a war that was needed. This is because without the revolutionary war, the United States would probably still be ruled under a Queen and King and we would all speak in British accents. The revolutionary war gave us freedom and the ideals of self- determination and liberty were fought for. Also, the declartaion of independence was a huge aspect that changed the nation. Afterall, it gave the United States independence from England and created the constitution. One found it very surprising that Washington was able to lead an army into battle for the first time and be very successfull at it; as it states, “ ...had proven himself [Washington] a leader of remarkable ability, a man not only of enterprising ideas, but with the staying power to carry them out” ( McCullough).
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First: Washingtons arrival on the scene at Brooklyn was horrific. When he arrived on the Brooklyn side the site of wounded men surrounded him and his men. Once he said, “ ' What were the feelings of most or all the young soldiers at this time, I know not,' he would remember, ' but I know what were mine.” ( McCullough 175). This was just one example of the many battles that Washington

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