David Huntington The Clash Of Civilizations Summary

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In Huntington’s essay “The Clash of Civilizations?” he writes about a post cold war world and what it would look like. A man by the name of David Brooks wrote an article disagreeing with Huntington’s essay. He did not try to make him look like a fool, but simply tell a different side of what Huntington wrote. At the beginning of the article Mr. Brooks begins by summarizing the parts of the essay he will talk about. He focusses on the Arab people and their struggles, but he does talk about the Islamic civilization and the Muslim world. The first five paragraphs are giving credit to Huntington and explaining what he meant when talking about these three types of civilizations. Mr. Brooks goes on to give his explanation for why he disagrees, and …show more content…
“He argued that people in Arab lands are intrinsically not nationalistic. He argued that they do not hunger for pluralism and democracy in the way these things are understood in the West.” This is telling us that everyone really wants freedom, no one wants to be suppressed and controlled. This is one of the reasons I agreed with Mr. Brooks because I believe that people do want to be free and some types of civilizations are always fighting for that but don’t always get it. Mr. Brooks goes on to talk about the Arab nation and uses the words “living under regimes that rule by fear.” This is true to me about this nation, people their do want to be free but they are suppressed by their government. Mr. Brooks also says Huntington is wrong about his definition of culture, and I agree as well with Mr. Brooks. In Huntington’s essay he really talks about cultural vales and disregards political values. Huntington was saying that cultural values are more important than political values, and I disagree. Mr. Brooks tells us that some people across the world search for freedom in different ways than we …show more content…
This article not extreme in length but goes a long distance to explain the better view for civilization as he believes. The West is Best is an article about Mr. Piel beliefs on what civilization is and what it should look like, by keeping the western lifestyle in it. In Huntington’s essay he does talk about westernization and what it could do to the cultures. This article by Mr. Piel is not fully disagreeing with Huntington but giving a better solution to the issue. Piel gives good claims about why Huntington’s idea of civilization will not work. One claim he gives is that they could become to powerful for us to handle. “Without boundaries, interiors or exteriors, continuity or coherent entity, any of the Huntington civilizations can be summoned in a moment to ratify whatever action the West and its remaining superpower deem rightful.” This is the outlining quote to show what Piel is thinking in this article. Piel believes that if we give these smaller civilizations the power that the west has they could rise up and over throw us. The second claim that Piel gives on why his theory is better, is what we can do for them. Piel is trying to say we need to limit our westernization so no one gets to big for us to handle. I agree with this article by Gerard Piel, I have inferred that he gave a great description and explanation on why we should follow his plan. He sees the other

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