David Hume 's View On The Existence Of God Essay examples

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Philosophy has been plagued with the subject of religion since the dawn of time. Each philosopher having their own opinions, many attempts have been made to prove and disprove their opinion and the opinions of others. The existence of God, a single, supreme being who created the heavens and the earth, is a controversial topic, but even among those who believe in the existence of God, finding a way to explain such existence has been nigh impossible. An 18th century philosopher, David Hume attempted to establish his opinion on the existence of God by critiquing the widely accepted ideals set forth by Descartes. Hume delivers convincing arguments against both the Ontological and Design Arguments by using his distinction between matters of fact and relation of ideas. Although the critiques Hume develops lead to a seemingly skeptical outcome, I, a Christian, find myself agreeing with Hume 's criticisms on prior logic presented to prove the God 's indisputable existence. Perhaps the biggest difference in the philosophical structure of Descartes and Hume, is the idea of reasoning. To Hume, there was a definite line between what he called Relations between Ideas, or the product of pure reason upon comparing ideas, and Matters of Fact, the product of experience. Descartes, on the other hand, treated these diverging principles as one and the same. It is through this difference that Hume was able to find so many flaws in the arguments of Descartes. When appealing to the…

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