David Hume And Jeremy Bentham Essay

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David Hume and Jeremy Bentham are two extremely different philosophers who were some of the first to recognize and create the utilitarian point of view. They have many different views between them such as the use of the term utility, but you can also see that Bentham had been influenced by the writings of Hume. Hume is not technically utilitarian, however he is known as the creator of the moral theory of utility. He thinks that the idea that moral principles are rooted in their usefulness and not in a religious context such as God’s will. His use of the word utility is different than others in the sense that it is not a scientific value that can make the outcome of a moral truth. Instead utility is used in more of a sentimental setting where the moral principles cannot be scientific solutions to a problem of the social nature. According to Hume, some principles simply appeal to us while other principles do not. He uses this simple perception to explain why we accept such a wide variety of different social normality. Hume also does not accept that reason motivates or discourages different behaviors. With reason being discarded, Hume states that the driver of human behavior is passion. He examines that human beings do not normally use reason to motivate them to act. It can help with judgments, but reason hold the role of advisor and not a decision maker. If something is immoral to Hume, it is not because it goes against reason, but rather because it would displease a human…

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