David Gruber: A Rhetorical Analysis

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Essay writing is an excellent technique to convey information and express one’s thoughts on a subject matter towards an audience. David Gruber, a marine biologist, performed an informative, yet engrossing TED talk, on October 2015, concerning the fascinating sea creatures that inhabit the world’s unfathomable sea. His utilization of an implicit thesis and strong supporting arguments, multiple literary devices and methods of developments, and his overall purpose and effectiveness of the oral essay, all helped him successfully portray his thoughts and feelings on this topic.

The structure of an essay, and the way that all the information is laid out and linked to one another, comprehensively expresses the main idea of the topic and gets the
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His use of similes, personification, and onomatopoeia, are just a few of many literary devices that he included in his essay, all of which is compelling to the audience, as it takes an average piece of writing, and enhances it to another level. For instance, the use of similes, such as, “(…)they can gulp down water and blow up like an inner tube.”(Gruber), portrays a comparison between a sea creature and an inner tube, both of which have no relation to each other. This gives the audience an idea of how this animal acts, by comparing it to general knowledge. Furthermore, his use of personification, such as, “It’s a really shy, reclusive eel(…)”(Gruber), portrays an image of how the eel behaved, by using human traits. Additionally, his use of onomatopoeia, such as “(…)boom!(…)”(Gruber), engages the audience’s sense of sound and provides a better picture of the author’s speech. Also, there were various methods that Gruber used to add more informative and illustrative details in his speech. These included: process analysis, where he explained the process of searching for luminescent animals, narration, where he shared his experiences of exploring underwater, revealing facts about these creatures, and much …show more content…
Mainly, he wants to enlighten people on marine life and environment, and the phenomenal wonders it beholds. As well as, how these fluorescent creatures have made a tremendous impact in the field of biomedical science. His primary purpose is to open people’s minds about the ocean life and make them realize what we’re harming, as humans. This way, people can continue discovering the rest of the sea, uncovering various phenomenon, and everything that the deep ocean has to offer. Besides all the material that Gruber has conveyed throughout his essay, the tone that he expressed while communicating is what truly made it effective and stood out. You can hear the passion and enthusiasm in his voice, as he strongly expressed the importance of marine life. Furthermore, Gruber’s use of hand gestures, adding in a hint of humour, and portraying various visuals during his speech, such as: photographs, videos, statistics, etc., all played a key role in the effectiveness of his essay. These aspects made the overall presentation more interactive, visually, as it clearly illustrates the details for the audience.

Overall, David Gruber’s speech on the wonders of marine life was very informative, as it depicts on the numerous, extraordinary sea creatures it contains. His main idea, followed by the supporting arguments,

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