David Green, The Founder Of The Infamous Hobby Lobby Essay

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David Green, is the founder of the infamous Hobby Lobby, he opened up his first retail business in 1970 with only six hundred dollars put aside for his start up capital and flipped it into a whopping two billion per year with 434 stores in his chain. Forbes has estimated that his personal net worth is over $3 billion, these numbers giving him the title of one of the wealthiest men in the world. By society’s standards, he is regarded as a remarkable success. However, the thing that some consider to make him an even greater success is his intense commitment to presenting his faith in Jesus Christ throughout his business. From being selfless enough to spend thousands of dollars each and every year to promote christianity in newspapers during the Easter and Christmas hours, to making sure he played Christian music in his stores,keeping his business closed on Sundays to observe the sabbath, and as a whole running his business parallel to the bible’s standards.. The motivation behind putting ads into newspapers to spread the word of God was said to have came when David Green realized the true meaning of Easter and Christmas was slowly but surely being taken away from every phase of society. His stores, Hobby Lobby, have already created and produced ads for well over 250 papers across America each week. His first ad was six inches in size and ran in 1970. Following up, two years later, he he had upgraded from the six inch to a full page for each holiday, and ever since he…

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