David Fletcher Case Essay

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This case explores the problems managers face when assembling a team. David Fletcher, is an overworked portfolio manager of the Emerging Growth Fund at Jenkins, Fletcher Partners (JFP), an investment management firm in New York. As an individual, his superior performance throughout his career has earned him an outstanding reputation. Starting out as a clerk, he rose through the ranks of Wall Street to eventually manage the two most aggressive mutual funds at a major investment firm. Success at this firm only added to his reputation and lead to his current role at JFP, a smaller firm with an informal culture. At JFP, Fletcher is challenged with the new responsibility of managing a team, in addition to managing his portfolio.

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While Whitney has been immersed in this culture her entire career, it is probable that Doyle subscribes to a more individualistic outlook because of his professional background as a consultant. Doyle’s incompatibility to JFPs culture is further evident in his relationship with Whitney. Described as “a real family person” and “part of the glue in the office”, Whitney is likeable and gets along well with people. The fact that she could not get along with Doyle is evident that Doyle was probably not interested in building a relationship with her. We may even assume that Whitney was already unhappy in her position and so did not go out of her way to build a relationship with Doyle. Doyle overshadowing during their meetings with Fletcher likely further aggravated Whitney’s concerns over a lack of guidance from Fletcher. This alienation towards Fletcher is evident in the fact that Whitney did not approach him about her concerns or the problems with Doyle, instead choosing to approach one of the JFP partners.

As tensions between Doyle and Whitney continued, Fletcher decided to hire another analyst. Learning from his mistakes, Fletcher consulted with Whitney before hiring Rachel Kindred. Furthermore, Kindred is able to compensate for Fletcher’s hands-off approach by self monitoring and actively soliciting feedback from him. This is something Whitney failed to

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