David Fincher 's Fight Club Essay

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David Fincher’s Fight Club is a movie about self-exception and the true self as it appears to society, but it is also about a man so caught up in the consumer world that he not only alienates himself, but through his alienation he is also an insomniac in an ordered lifestyle that he ultimately detests. The narrator in return is personified by the character Tyler Durden. Tyler ultimately isn’t a real person, but in relation to the narrator he is seen as the destructive id. Which is a concept brought on by Sigmund Freud known as the Freudian theory. This theory brings together the distinction between the unconscious and the conscious into three principles known as the id, ego and superego. Tyler leads them both through the duration of the movie in a way to expose the yearnings and unconscious instincts of the id. Within learning and observing this I want to identify the psychoanalytical concepts known as the id and the ego, as these concepts relate to the movie, the narrator, Tyler Durden, and the identification of self. As Flight Club begins there is a substantial amount of hate for the life the narrator is living. From the beginning the narrator has no name that we can readily identify, implying a disconnection with himself and his existence. Through the use of him wanting to catalog shop for items he doesn’t really need, wanting his plane to crash, insomnia and attending these support groups you automatically know that the narrator yearns for a break from his orthodox…

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