What Is Failure In The Media Industry

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Paola Catano

Paola Catano
Failure in the media industry can be rewarding

Just about everywhere failure is looked upon by society. What we do not understand is that failure can be beneficial not only personally but it can also be to a greater extent beneficial to our innovative society. Scientist spend their entire lives hypothesizing about possible outcomes, they later test their theory and if it is successful the scientist would be praised by the community but if it resulted in failure shame would not be brought to the scientist. What the scientist has gained from failing is knowledge on what not to do for the next time they try until their experiment succeeds. The media industry is an extremely competitive world. For many
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Those who constantly mention the negative aspect of failure fail to overlook the positive. With failure comes knowledge and experience. "You learn more on the projects that bomb than the ones that skate by." (Cohn, 2015) Failure gives you insight on possible mistakes and helps you understand that those actions have lead to such failure. Learning from your mistakes is part of everyday life; it is how you grow and learn what to do and what not to do. There are many examples of failed projects that have lead to greater understandings one of those happen to be the great number of newspaper paywalls in recent years. Although it is still a fairly new phenomenon it can arguably be classified as a successful failure. Why a successful failure? Although there has been a steady increase in newspapers worldwide implementing paywalls it has not provided the outcome that was expected. " Moving to paid online content is unlikely to have a substantial financial impact on news organizations in the short term, but it gives companies a chance to prepare for the future without print newspapers." (Myllylahti, 2014) It has instead provided valuable insight that in the future generations of the newspaper can be the footprint for a new …show more content…
Failed journalism start-up projects are experiments with negative results. But any good scientist will tell you that 's still useful data." (Cohn, 2015) Part of the process of gaining knowledge is to fail because with every failed attempt you gain another insight on what not to do so that one day you are able to know what is the correct action and thus become successful. Examining the paywall business model discoveries like implementing paywalls actually reduces the online traffic rather then increase it, it has also provided the important insight that if there is a fee to be paid for the content then the reader can expect to receive higher quality work thus creating interest in the consumers who are willing to pay for the high-quality information. Although some may say failure is all but negative it has actually provided useful data that can be accessed by other in the future and used as tracks to follow and prevent the same mistakes made by the previous

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