David Bosco 's Uncertain Guardians Essay

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The United Nations, since its implementation in 1945, has done much to try regulate international relations, and increase living standards globally. However, there is severe, ideological and structural limitations to the UN’s ability to regulate states and enforce its regulations, rendering it largely ineffective. Initially, the UN was created to be a mediator between states in order to conduct international relations in a relatively peaceful way, and establish a system which can deploy humanitarian aid. However, there is varying ideas on the execution of these ideals. In David Bosco’s Uncertain Guardians, he articulates the idea of ideological dualism within the foundation of the UN and the pursual of its objectives. He states that one ideology is that the UN’s purpose is to support peace, security, and humanitarianism, through global governance. Another, is that the sole purpose of the UN is to prevent warfare between powerful states (Bosco 442). Bosco articulates, that it is extremely difficult to effective fulfill the objectives of a collaborative institution due to the vested interests of states and the anarchic reality of international relations (Bosco 443). There is no supranational entity which can govern states and enforce the UN’s objectives, suspending the UN in a state of stagnant idealistic debate, as general concensus is almost impossible to achieve. This perspective accurately represents the dissonance between realism and idealism in the international…

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