David As Depicted In Donatello's David

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Through the history, there have been great characters that have been admired for their achievements, their actions, their bravery, or simply by their experiences. Men and women of the past have been involved in the development of art in all its sources of expression. Authors and poets, painters and sculptors have turned their inspiration in them. One of the most admired figures was David, biblical character, courageous pastor who with just a sling drove a stone in the head of the feared giant Goliath, killing him and cutting off his head. Later David would become king of Israel and he was one its greatest rulers. It is by this action that David was recognized as a symbol of value because to defeat an enemy that apparently was far superior to …show more content…
It was the first-free standing nude sculpture since classical antiquity, which appears in Renaissance sculpture. Donatello interprets David as a biblical theme, as a classical nude. It is a natural nude, weighted and very expressive due the strength of the body’s lines. David is standing on the head of Goliath and in his right hand he is his holding Goliath’s own sword. David’s other hand, in his left hand, he holds a rock, maybe the rock that he used in the slingshot. It represents David after his triumph, celebrating in that way the overthrow a …show more content…
Many critics thought that Michelangelo did it intentionally to underline the concentration(head) and symbolize the pondered action (right hand).The sized of the sculpture is double that in Donatello’s David , and scholars critics said it was ironic in Michelangelo’s David to show it in a giant form as his enemy Goliath. When Michelangelo finished David, forty men were needed to move the statue just half mile. It was placed in Piazza de lla Signora in the heart of

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