David And Goliath By Malcolm Gladwell Essays

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David and Goliath written by Malcolm Gladwell is a book on how we perceive the concept privilege. We often assume people with higher degree of privilege will benefits more from the society than those who does not. The author disagree and explain why this is not the case. Through out the book, he applies the economical concept the law of marginal diminishing return to explain stories of successful people that benefitted from being an underdog.

The story of David and Goliath is one the greatest stories on how an underdog succeeds in fighting a giant. Goliath is huge gigantic warrior, and society often associates him with having power while David is just merely a shepherd that never had any military training, now volunteered to fight against Goliath. From this point of view, Goliath has the privilege in winning the fight than David. But when we look again at the story closely, it turns out that Goliath suffers from a brain tumor since he was a kid. That gigantic physical body that he has, from a modern science perspective, causes by the tumor in his brain. His strength is, at the same time, is his weakness. David, from the first place, has been able to identify Goliath’s weakness, decided to fight him because he knows that he got a chance to win, a big chance. David beats Goliath.

The rest of the book shows narrative on some of the stories of underdogs through out the history. It starts next with how parenting and money relates. Conventional wisdom always tells us that the…

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